Not sure about digital loyalty cards? My Loyalty App could be a gamechanger for your café. Here are 9 reasons why.

  • 1. Time- and cost-saving compared to print

    Printed loyalty cards are on their way out. And good riddance. They cost you more on printing, more on stamping and more on time at the checkout as customers search for them.

  • 2. Pre-pay your way to success with Jump the Queue

    We’ve made it easy for you to integrate mobile ordering so your customers can order ahead and pick up their coffee and food. You have control of your menu items so you can make instant changes, AND you’ll get paid in real-time so the profit goes straight in your pocket.


    Want to attract more business on certain days or at certain times? Use the app to reach out to your customers with a time-limited offer.

    Your customers will get tailored and targeted in-app promos sent straight to their phone and be kept in the loop on all the latest events, menu changes, and specials at your cafe.

  • 4. Next Visit REWARD Vouchers

    Want to keep your customers coming back?

    Select a random number of customers who’ve recently made a purchase and send them a reward to use on their next visit.

  • 5. Gift vouchers to spread the word (coming soon)

    Customers can pre-purchase gift vouchers through the App and send it to anyone in their contacts. It’s a great way to spread the reach of your marketing without having to lift a finger.


    • My Loyalty captures all your customers’ contact details and securely stores them on the My Loyalty servers (customer database).
    • Your customer database is essential to drive your growth and profit.
    • Your customers’ details are private and not shared with other Cafés.

    Business been a little slow? Send a message via the app to your existing customers with a special offer.

    Opt-in push notifications give you the power to connect with your customers in an instant.

  • 8. Get useful customer feedback

    Trying to get your customers to fill in a paper feedback survey is next to impossible these days. But a quick and easy survey that appears on their App, that works for a digital generation. My Loyalty App gives you the option of adding text boxes for more detailed feedback and all answers anonymous.

  • 9. Mailouts made easy (coming soon)

    Reinforce your marketing with mailouts. Just as with your push notifications, My Loyalty App provides easy-to-use templates to auto-generate mailouts that will get your message out there.

  • 10. Access to powerful customer data

    My Loyalty App collects data on what your customers order, when they order it and how often. With insights into your customers’ behaviour, you can provide more of what they love and tailor offers to different customer groups.

Ramp up your profits

Get more customers, more often and market directly to them with the cost-effective, contactless My Loyalty App