Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Loyalty App work for all smartphones?

My Loyalty App is designed to work on smartphones running on the 2 most common operating systems — Android and iOS. This covers over 98% of smartphones used in Australia.

Where is my customer data stored?

Your customer data will be securely stored on My Loyalty App servers. You can access and utilise your customer database at any time within the usage parameters of the App.

Can I customise the App with my café branding?

Yes. When you complete your profile, you can upload your logo and up to 10 photos.

Can customers buy gift vouchers through the App?

Yes. They can then send them to anyone in their contacts. This feature is coming soon.

Can customers pre-purchase menu items through the App?

Yes. Customers can pre-order and pre-pay for immediate pick-up and Jump the Queue.

Can I survey customers through the App?

Yes. You can create a survey with the option of a text box so customers can leave constructive feedback.

I have more than one café. Does the App work for multiple sites?

Yes. It seamlessly synchronises across multiple sites so you can easily manage your marketing at every one of your cafés.

Is there a minimum contract length?

No. You can cancel at any time with just 30 days notice.

Why is the My Loyalty system independent from my POS?

There are thousands of different café POS systems and each customer of your café is also a customer of their other favourite cafés, who probably use a different POS system.

To ensure that your customers can universally use the app from date of launch we needed to make it independent of all POS systems.

But that’s not the only reason. It’s critical to save time at the checkout, especially when there’s a long queue! The My Loyalty app is contactless so it takes only a few seconds for the customer to show you what he’s claiming today and then scan the QR code to update their card.

With POS based loyalty systems the customer is not in control. You have to search for the name of the customer before you can update their loyalty. If the person at the checkout fails to ask the customer if they want their loyalty updated, the customer misses out!! This does not make for a happy customer when they realise! The amount of time taken to update through the POS involves many taps and if the checkout person makes a mistake they have to start all over again. The time saved with My Loyalty is significant AND the customer is in control all the time. They can access the status of their loyalty card at any time they want.

Ramp up your profits

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