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Give Them a Chance to Win a FREE HOLIDAY for Being Loyal!

Reach new customers, reward current customers, and revolutionise your marketing
MyLoyalty puts all your cafe's advertising, marketing and loyalty right into the hands of your customers.

1 minute video


Give your customers more than a free cup of coffee

Give them a chance to


Launch your cafe with MyLoyalty and at NO cost to you we give you 2 Free Holidays to use in a monthly comp. exclusive for your customers.

The promotional campaign for the first Free Holiday will begin the moment you launch your cafe, and we do it all for you - you don’t have to lift a finger!

MyLoyalty will run the competition and randomly select a winner from your MyLoyalty customers' entries.



Everything you need to turn your customers into a cost-effective marketing resource!
MyLoyalty is a complete, simple to use, contactless solution enabling you to engage with your customers using push notifications, in-app promotions and in-app rewards.

With NO credit card required

What does the MyLoyalty App give you?

  A Contactless Digital Loyalty Card - your choice.

  Customer Notifications - you create and publish anytime.

  Customer Promotions - you create and publish anytime.

  A Customer Database for your Café with performance stats.

  Your Own secure MyLoyalty Management Website.

  Our Free In-Cafe Marketing Kit to connect you directly with
     your customers.

Other features coming soon

  ‘Jump the Queue’ Pre-order & Pay.

  Gift Vouchers.

Get Started Pronto

The best, easiest, fastest, most cost-effective way to:
Increase your customers a

Increase your customer visits.
Attract new customers.


You don’t need any hardware or
   complex POS integrations.

You don’t even need a credit card.

You can launch your café on the
MyLoyalty App in 30 minutes or less.

MyLoyalty’s easy 4 Step strategy for success:


Make Loyalty Easy For Your Customers

Printed loyalty cards are over!

The MyLoyalty smart DIGITAL LOYALTY CARD is in!

With MyLoyalty App, your simple digital contactless loyalty app, your customers can easily rack up and monitor their loyalty 'stamps' AND you get to say what loyalty items get a ‘stamp’.


Get Your Customers On Board Fast with MyLoyalty's FREE In-Cafe Marketing Material

MyLoyalty takes the stress out of acquiring your customers data.We know that you don’t have time to promote MyLoyalty App on top of everything else you’re juggling. No worries! So we provide you with FREE in-cafe marketing materials to ensure your customers sign up. When your customers download the MyLoyalty App their contact details are automatically added to your list, so you can communicate DIRECTLY to their mobiles.


Sign up today to offer a digital loyalty card

AND to market direct to your customers


Deliver Your Messages AND Promotions Direct To Your Customers Mobiles To Boost Your Sales

MESSAGES: Push notifications are opened 10 times more than emails so you really can get your offers and messages right in front of your customers, even when the App is not open. You can schedule push notifications for whatever date and time you want, so it’s easy to set them up in advance.

Note: Every time you publish a promotion, a notification is automatically sent to all your customers to alert them.

IN-APP PROMOTIONS: Every time a customer opens their MyLoyalty App they are exposed to your promotions running along the bottom of the App screen, as exampled here. You can schedule your promotions to start and finish any dates you want.

The Benefit For Your Customers is being able to add all their favourite MyLoyalty cafes and digital loyalty cards to the one Mobile App. (no more bulging wallets with printed loyalty cards).

The Benefit For You Is Exponential Exposure because your customers will open the App more often because all their favourite cafes are in the one App. This results in your cafe’s promotions being viewed hundreds, if not thousands, of times more than if the App was for your cafe only.


And Here's The Clincher!


. Get Your Customer Stats.

MyLoyalty App comes with your very own customer database and performance statistics, so you can see which promotions work best.

. How Much Does It Cost

A low subscription of less than $1.90 a day gives you exclusive access to the complete MyLoyalty system. Coupled with the FREE 60 DAY TRIAL (no credit card required), you have the best reason to ‘try before you buy’ Sell just one extra cup of coffee per day and your costs are covered!

Sign up today to start using your own digital loyalty card system

AND to start marketing direct to your customers

No credit card required

Success stories

We have been testing the MyLoyalty system for over 2 years with a handful of cafes and now we are ready for expansion to help cafes across Australia achieve greater business growth with minimal effort. After all, Isn't that what we all want in business?

She Brews Cafe, Coffs Harbour - Karin has a growing list of 940 customers and over 38,000 digital loyalty card transactions - all without a hitch. The marketing opportunities for this audience are huge!

Lana's Bakery, Central Coast - Lana has a growing list of 211 customers

The MyLoyalty features and strategy will get this powerful marketing advantage working for you and get Notifications and Promotions going direct to your customers’ mobiles and emails, but you can only do all this with MyLoyalty!

Don't just take our word for it ...

"The marketing opportunities are better than anything else."

Lana's Bakery, Central Coast

Sign up today to offer a digital loyalty card

AND to market direct to your customers

1. Sign up and list your cafe

. Go to:

. Click on 'SIGN UP NOW' button

The Promo Code is already entered for you: 60FREEPROMO
You will automatically qualify for the FREE 60 Day Trial.

. Click on 'GO TO LIST YOUR CAFE' button.

List your Cafe information, but do not Launch yet. 

2. We will post your FREE in-cafe posters and customer flyers

When you receive your marketing kit, move to Step 3     and prepare to launch.

3. Create your unique Cafe QR Code and LAUNCH

. Click on the 'Launch Pad' link in the menu.

. Create and print your unique Cafe QR Code.

ONE QR Code is all you need to redeem all loyalty cards,   promotions, and next visit rewards for your café.

. Click on 'LAUNCH' button.

WELCOME ABOARD - you are now LIVE!

Any questions? EMAIL US NOW:

My Loyalty Pty Ltd, 8 Roby Place, Toormina, NSW 2452    ABN 95 633 682 265

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