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What is MyLoyalty?


It's a Universal Mobile App for YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS

A loyalty program that will revolutionise your marketing.

ONE App for ALL Independent Businesses.

Simply add your cafe(s) to MyLoyalty and use the FREE MyLoyalty Marketing Kit to get your customers onboard pronto. It allows you to reward current customers and reach new customers by putting your marketing and loyalty right on your customers' mobiles. Plus, one-on-one support from MyLoyalty comes without saying when you need it. Best of all we can do it all for you, under your control, to save you time. Ready to join?


ONE App for ALL Customers.

One simple to use, user friendly customer App where customers can list all their favourite MyLoyalty cafes to instantly view and redeem promotions and keep track of their loyalty rewards for each cafe and business. This has never been done before!

The MyLoyalty App gives you:

✔︎ A Contactless Digital Loyalty Card - that you control.

✔︎ Customer Notifications - that you can create and publish anytime.

✔︎ Customer Promotions - that you can create and publish anytime.

✔︎ A Customer Database for your Café with performance stats.

✔︎ Your Own secure MyLoyalty Management Website.

✔︎ A Free In-Cafe Marketing Kit to connect you directly with your customers.

 It's Independent From Your POS

This is an enormous benefit! You don't need any equipment and you can get going immediately. The Myloyalty strategy ensures you get your customers on board without causing any 'slow-down' at checkout - AND - Myloyalty does things for you that your POS will never do!

 Makes Loyalty Easy For Your Customers

Printed loyalty cards are out!

The Myloyalty smart DIGITAL LOYALTY CARD is in!

And it's designed to exactly replicate the same logic as your printed loyalty card AND you get to say what loyalty items get a ‘stamp’.

If you don't use a loyalty card - no problem, the direct marketing opportunities are immense.


 You Can Be Up and Running in 30 mins.

Simply enter your details and cafe details and you're set to go!

 Gets Your Customers On Board Fast with MyLoyalty's FREE In-Cafe Marketing Kit

We know that you don’t have time to promote Myloyalty App on top of everything else you’re juggling. No worries! So we provide you with FREE in-cafe marketing kit to ensure your customers sign up. When your customers download the Myloyalty App their contact details are automatically added to your list, so you can communicate DIRECTLY to their mobiles.

✔︎ Now you can communicate directly with your customers any time you want.
✔︎ Now you can increase your marketing and sales any time you want.
   This is only possible wi
th MyLoyalty’s smart and innovative approach.

✔︎ No other marketing and loyalty system offers so much for so little.

1 minute video

At MyLoyalty we are committed to offering every independent business the opportunity to run
a smart loyalty program to increase your customer visits and revenue.

No credit card required


No credit card required

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