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What Makes It Tick?


We believe in thinking differently when it comes to marketing small businesses. Everything we do aims to give you the power to create a loyalty program and boost revenues. Our unique approach offers a universal, affordable, independent loyalty and marketing system with a user-friendly management App.

Smart Notifications and Promotions Made Easy.

Deliver Your Messages AND Promotions Direct To Your Customers' Mobiles To Boost Your Sales.

Push notifications are opened 10 times more than emails so you can really get your offers and messages right in front of your customers, even when the App is not open. You can schedule push notifications fo
r whatever date and time you want, so it’s easy to set them up in advance.

Note: Every time you publish a promotion, a notification is automatically sent to all your customers to alert them.


ry time a customer opens their MyLoyalty App they are exposed to your promotions running along the bottom of the App screen, as exampled here. You can schedule your promotions to start and finish any dates you want.

Note: THE BENEFIT FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS is being able to add all their favourite MyLoyalty cafes and digital loyalty cards to the one Mobile App. (no more bulging wallets with printed loyalty cards)

Note: THE BENEFIT FOR YOU IS EXPONENTIAL EXPOSURE  because your customers will open the App more often because all their favourite cafes are in the one App. This results in your cafe’s promotions being viewed hundreds, if not thousands, of times more than if the App was for your cafe only.

MyLoyalty App comes with your very own customer database and performance statistics, so you can see which promotions work best.


When you're pushed for time let us take the pressure off ...

WE'LL DO THE MARKETING FOR YOU! At no extra cost we'll collaborate the marketing messages and do all the online work

OR you can choose to DIY by using the Myloyalty Tools.

We'll Push Your Messages and Promotions DIRECT to Your Customers' Mobiles.

We'll Create Your Digital Loyalty Card to Reward Your Customers

With MyLoyalty you can say Goodbye to marketing struggles and Hello to increased sales and customer loyalty.


No credit card required


No credit card required

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